Top 10 Factors for Selecting an Asset Management Partner – Part 2

Last week we spoke about the first 3 factors that should be considered when selecting an asset management partner by focusing on one of our fundamentals – Superior Service. Read on to learn about 3 more factors to consider in order to generate maximum revenue for your surplus/redundant assets.

Superior Scale

Part 2: Superior Scale

1. Seamlessly Meets International Business Needs Through Global Operational Footprint

Global organisations need global coverage. Your organisation can standardise and implement best practices for asset management across all locations by partnering with a single global asset management provider. This will result in maximum recovery, operational improvements, and cost savings.

While it is important for a global organisation to have global coverage, an effective service provider will have local and regional coverage in many local countries to support your local operations. This coverage allows your provider to understand the local market, buyers, language, laws, payment processing, taxes, and import/export regulations.

2. Offers Robust, Wide-Ranging Services

Online auctions let you reach buyers from all over the globe, making it an extremely effective channel for generating maximum revenue. However, an experienced provider will recognise that every asset and situation is different, and implement the right marketing and sales strategy for each sale. Your provider should tailor-make the sales method most suitable to the assets in question. Highly specialised assets with little demand might suite a different sale method, such a Make-An-Offer sale. For assets that are less specialised and do not need to be subject to confirmation, the Buy-It-Now, immediate sale method might be more suited. Your provider should leverage these and other sales methods as appropriate.

3. Offers Redeployment Solutions

Your provider should be able to facilitate internal redeployment and swiftly sell surplus that isn’t redeployed. A qualified provider will have proven systems – people, processes, and tools – in place to support your asset management process.

Online asset management software provides you with a clear, comprehensive view of all surplus across your global locations. This software allows you to identify underperforming or idle assets and make value-based decisions to redeploy or sell them for maximum recovery. By reducing costs and time spent on asset management, the software enables efficient, continuous asset management and generates value to improve your forward-flow business.

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