4 Ways to Manage Your Retail Returns

For those in the retail industry, it has come as no surprise that there has been an overwhelming increase of online sales. The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the migration to ecommerce, speeding up the adoption of digital technologies by several years – and these changes are most likely here for the long haul. This sudden advancement has retail professionals needing help in handling the increase in returns that comes with the increased online sales. NPR (an American independent media organisation) reports that online sales are generally 4-5 times more likely to be returned than in-store purchases.

Many retailers are therefore feeling like they are drowning in returns. However, there are multiple options that can be used to assist retailers manage returns – and this is where Liquidity Services steps in. Our team members can provide a returns management approach that is current and geared to handle the future.

How To Manage Surplus and Save on Returns Cost

Liquidity Services SA offers a wide variety of reverse supply chain solutions that are tailored to specific business needs. We have experience in maximising surplus value for our 15,000 clients across the globe. We can provide a full spectrum of capabilities and options to maximise economics and reduce risk.

List ‘n’ Sell

List ‘n’ Sell is the solution that allows your team to have complete control over listing and sale of the surplus assets. It allows retailers to easily promote listings to hundreds of thousands of buyers in virtually any quantity – as individual items or as job lots. Liquidity Services SA steps in to support you with selecting the best sales method, marketing strategies, dispute resolution and financial settlement. This is to help optimise accelerated sales through B2B or B2C channels with the least amount of hassle.

Load ‘n’ Sell

The Load ‘n’ Sell option should be considered if retailers need to get their goods out of their building within a tight timeframe.  Liquidity Services SA has a transportation team that can load up a trailer/truck with the surplus goods and move it to a local trailer yard or storage facility. We take the lead on listing the goods from there. A fast, quick, and simple solution that frees up crucial space on demand and produces excellent economic results.

Warehouse ‘n’ Sell

Liquidity Services SA operate warehouses in Cape Town and Johannesburg which are designed to optimise returns programs. Consider engaging our Warehouse ‘n’ Sell solution when you need to create space in your facility and need to stay focused on your core competencies. This is how retailers can maximize every rand of recover.


More than twenty years of serving the needs of business professionals has taught us that flexibility and customisation is critical. All of our sales solutions can be customised to address retailers unique requirements. Retailers need only tell us their goals, and we will suggest the optimal compliment of capabilities and services.

Why Customers Love Working with Us

Reliability. Innovation. Breadth of Capabilities.

We don’t just “liquidate” surplus assets. We offer the scale, financial stability, and capacity that deliver peace of mind to retail professionals who have to be prepared for everything, even pandemics. We innovate new solutions to meet our customers’ needs by listening to what our customers have to say, and talk about real-world problems that they face every day. No matter the sales solution required, be it selling direct to the market yourself, or a complete “turn-key” program, we can assist.

Interested in learning more about what we might be able to do for you? Book some time with one of our project managers and tell us what challenges you’re trying to overcome.

Sourced and adapted from LiquidityServices.com

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