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10% of every agricultural company’s equipment is surplus to it’s needs, including yours.

As global leaders in the disposal of surplus business assets, Liquidity Services SA offers a comprehensive solution specifically designed for your industry. By turning your redundant or idle equipment into revenue, you are able to utilise this profit to benefit your ongoing operational costs. 

If you have surplus agricultural assets for sale, our proven marketing and sales strategies will get you the results you need. We regularly sell agricultural equipment and machinery, thereby delivering high profit to our clients.

Our tailor-made sales solutions include Live Auctions, Online Auctions, Make An Offer (Private Treaty) and an instant Buy It Now sale. We pair these powerful sale channels with expansive marketing campaigns – digital marketing is at the forefront of our marketing efforts in order to obtain the greatest, most relevant exposure for your assets.

AllSurplus, our massive global online marketplace with over 600 asset categories and 4.7 million registered buyers, is your key to success. We are trusted by 14,000 sellers to efficiently and effectively dispose of their surplus assets. 

If you have idle, aged or obsolete assets, let us help you realise maximum investment recovery to drive innovation, enhance operations and ensure financial stability.

Our Experience

South Africa’s agricultural sector is rich and diverse. Commercial farming is the backbone of the country’s agricultural economy and it has done well to weather the economic storms that have impacted so many others. Favourable production conditions, a weaker rand and increased export demand helped performance despite port challenges.
Still, this sector is not immune to past, present and future challenges the country faces. Unstable economic, social, political and ecological conditions impact long term optimism in a sector that is of paramount importance to the country.
Innovation drives development
Technological change is the engine of economic development. To drive efficiencies, streamline operations and reduce costs, the agriculture sector is critically dependent on developments in science, technology and engineering. Innovation and the adoption of new technology inevitably means having to replace older equipment.
Recover your investments
Liquidity Services SA helps you transform obsolete machinery into maximum value recovery. With a consultative focus, helpful client service teams and expert knowledge of industry best practices, we work closely with our clients to deliver best-in-class solutions. Our strategic approach ensures that your surplus management program maps to your broader goals while continuously measuring and improving performance in every key area.
600+ Asset Categories. One Platform. More Sales Methods. Highest Recovery.

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