Our Services

Auctions & Sales

Online Auctions

Buyers bid in real-time on our specialised online platform. Bidders take part from anywhere across the globe.


  • Real-time bidding creates a competitive environment
  • Buyers bid on their computers from anywhere across the globeAuctioneer takes bids from the floor
  • Minimal disruption at asset location
  • Assets from multiple locations can be included on one auction
  • Cost-effective for sellers and buyers
  • Transparent, auditable post-auction reporting

Make An Offer

A sales process whereby interested buyers submit individual offers confidentially.
  • The preferred sales method for highly specialised assets
  • Focuses on a select group of prospective buyers
  • We negotiate with buyers on sellers behalf
  • There is a predetermined end date

Buy It Now

An instant sales method securing a buyers purchase immediately

  • An immediate sale ensuring a quick transaction
  • Suitable for items with a confirmed sale price
  • No waiting period, purchase is immediate

On-site Auctions

Bidders attend a live auction in person. This can be held at the asset location, or an alternative venue.

  • Held at the asset location or off-site at an agreed venue
  • Bidders attend in person
  • Auctioneer takes bids from the floor
  • Competitive atmosphere drives up the sale price

Value Added Services

Valuations & Appraisals

Our expert valuation services help you make smart business decisions and manage risks.

  • Our expert appraisers and valuers compile evidence-based reports tailored to the asset(s) and the industry sector
  • Extensive research is carried out, taking into account a multitude of factors such as asset condition, current and historical market conditions of the relevant industry and the relevant industry trends
  • The service is tailored to the client’s needs
  • Comprehensive desktop appraisals can be conducted, or a more in-depth, detailed valuation can be provided

Facilities Management

We offer holistic on-premise solutions to drive value while reducing costs associated with site clean ups, scrap management and demobilisation projects.

  • Ferrous & Non-Ferrous Metal Handling
  • Salvage Yard Management
  • Reusable Materials
  • SHEQ Management
  • Recycling / Beneficiation
  • Controlled Dismantling

Warehousing & Storage

We have secure warehouses situated in Cape Town and Johannesburg where we store assets prior to auction

  • We offer asset upliftment and storage prior to disposal
  • 24hr security
  • Assets are inventorised and stored securely to ensure they retain their value prior to disposal

Asset Management

We offer a holistic Asset Management and Tagging service

  • We identify, tag, categorise and analyse assets for verification purposes
  • We utilise our proprietary AssetZone software.
  • Clients can monitor their assets throughout their lifespan and this data to perfect Notarial Bonds.

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