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What are the benefits you can expect?

Understanding Funding Options

Free up crucial funding within your matter, by turning available assets into cash for
the benefit of the affected parties or to provide crucial working capital

Understand Your Matter

Early stage accurate valuation will allow you to better understand asset values and
provide more flexible strategies to manage the matter

Extended Buyer Reach

Gain access to over 4.7 million registered buyers who are actively searching for surplus assets you need to sell.

Extensive Knowledge

We have assisted sellers with over R100 billion in completed transactions, across over 600 asset categories.

Tailored Sale Method

A tailored sale plan allows the highest recovery. We offer online auctions, make an offer, buy it now, and on-site auctions.

Trusted Sale Process

We are trusted by over 16,000 sellers who believe in our strong financial controls and transparent reporting.

Need a Trusted and Valued Partner?

Optimum financial outcomes in rapid time.

The highly regulated legal and accounting sector requires a unique asset management solutions partner. Matters of estate administration, insolvency and business rescue demand optimum financial outcomes in rapid time.
We understand that speed is of the essence and our highly experienced national team can immediately mobilise to swiftly deliver:
Accurate and in-depth valuation results. Inventory restructuring advice. Innovative and structured disposal services.
Over the past 20 years we have earned the trust of creditors, financial institutions and various stakeholders through auditable, transparent and experienced valuation and disposal practices. We offer valuation, upliftment, warehousing and disposal services for assets in over 600 categories. 

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