Six-Week Sale Exceeds Recovery Expectations for Leading South African Construction Company

capitalising on construction assets


A leading civil engineering and construction group based here in South Africa, decided to increase efficiency, and reduce costs by strategically consolidating business units. As is usually the case, this consolidation resulted in high-value surplus assets for which they urgently needed to generate recovery.


The company selected us for our global reach – a key priority given the assets’ high value. We were required to complete the sale in a short timeframe of just six weeks, with the client’s surplus scattered across several locations throughout Africa.

We began by visiting the client’s various locations to catalog all assets for sale, completing this process in just a week. We then sought out buyers of surplus construction equipment, tapping our existing global network of over 50,000 buyers and reaching new prospective buyers via multichannel marketing strategies. Assets were then sold through an online auction on our AllSurplus marketplace, exposing them to the most possible potential buyers. Our comprehensive approach maximized bids for our client’s surplus, ensuring their recovery expectations were met.


We sold all the assets for R2.5 million, exceeding the client expectations for its mostly late-model surplus. Completing the sale from asset identification through removal and payment within the tight six-week timeframe. AllSurplus’s global buyer base drove maximum recovery for this sale, as we attracted registrants from the United Kingdom, Germany, and Saudi Arabia, as well as locally in South Africa. Our team of experts, global reach and ability to generate results via multiple marketing channels made this sale a success. Needless to say, the client was satisfied with our results and immediately secured our services for a follow-up sale.

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