Electronics Manufacturing – Turn Surplus into a Big Plus

Electronics Manufacturing Surplus, Solved

Electronics manufacturers must optimise global operations while developing faster innovation and differentiated customer experiences. Liquidity Services SA provides comprehensive solution for managing your electronics manufacturing surplus assets, helping you stay focused on what drives your business.

Spark Profitability and Growth with Superior Asset Management

Generate ROI to Fuel Innovation

Constant innovation requires electronics manufacturers to frequently upgrade equipment, resulting in obsolete assets. Liquidity Services SA has a proven history of working with top electronics manufacturers to transform surplus into liquid opportunity that generates recovery to invest in innovation. Our proven processes, expert staff, and cutting-edge technologies ensure your asset management programme produces measurable results and operates as best-in-class.

Optimise Operations Across Global Facilities

Many electronics manufacturers are outsourcing production to developing countries to reduce costs, which results in a complex array of equipment sitting idle across facilities. Our AssetZone® software provides full visibility into your surplus, helping you better track, manage, and control assets across all global locations. And with reach into nearly 200 countries and territories, we can effectively manage, value, and sell your assets virtually anywhere in the world.

Get More from M&A

Aiming to stay ahead in a competitive industry, many electronics manufacturers are merging with or acquiring other businesses. These activities usually result in surplus. Our valuation services help appraise and identify this surplus, while our AssetZone® software empowers you to make superior decisions about selling or redeploying it.

Protect Assets and Mitigate Risk

One click is all it takes for an illicit distributor to buy your used equipment. To keep your surplus out of the wrong hands, Liquidity Services SA offers a full suite of compliance and risk mitigation services, including buyer vetting and an expert team that follows regulations regarding “do-not-sell-to” lists. As a publicly traded company, we are a transparent, accountable partner that you can trust to look after your interests and provide protection from all risks inherent to the reverse supply chain.

Remain Stable in a Challenging Economic Climate

Shrinking profit margins and a volatile global economy pose challenges for electronics manufacturers. Liquidity Services SA’s comprehensive solutions unlock the value of your surplus assets to generate working capital, helping you maintain financial health. Our deep knowledge of your industry and expert marketing and sales methods ensure we always recover maximum value for your surplus.

About Liquidity Services SA

Every organisation has surplus – assets or inventory no longer required. Liquidity Services (NASDAQ: LQDT) works with clients to ensure surplus is intelligently transformed from a burden into a liquid opportunity that fuels the achievement of strategic goals. Our superior service, unmatched scale, and ability to deliver results enable us to forge trusted, long-term relationships with over 8,000 clients, including Fortune 1000 and Global 500 organisations as well as government agencies. With $8 billion in completed transactions, OVER 3,8 million registered buyers, and reach into almost 200 countries and territories, we are the proven market leader in delivering smart surplus solutions. Let us build a better future for your surplus. Visit us at liquidityservices.co.za.

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