Maximizing Returns for Glencore’s South African operation

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With sustainability being a major focus point for the Glencore group, one of the biggest challenges they are faced with is minimising their environmental impact. With operations stretching across 3 provinces in South Africa the organization with a significant amount of surplus assets used for excavating, processing, and transporting of mining materials, including drilling equipment, crushing facilities, and more.


Since 2018, Liquidity Services has partnered with Glencore to help them efficiently dispose of surplus assets. This includes

1. Valuing assets to assist with accurate auction reserve price setting.

2. Evaluating all surplus assets to determine what can be sold as scrap.

3. Selling all sellable assets through AllSurplus, our global marketplace.

4. Managing all post sale admin like invoicing, payments and asset releasing.


Over the 4 year partnership, Liquidity Services has generated more than R27 million for the mine, selling over 1 300 assets, in various locations. Our proven methods allow us to help the client maximize recovery, save money and minimize waste.

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