How we Turned unwanted vehicles into R220 Million for the Western Cape Government

Government Vehicles
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With thousands of vehicles on the road at any given time, the Western Cape Government needed a partner to help them manage their redundant fleet. By sell these surplus assets they would be able to obtaining funds to upgrade the existing fleet.


In 2016 Liquidity Services was awarded the tender to assist the Western Cape Government with the disposal of their fleet vehicles. The assets included everything from luxury vehicles to ambulances and event accident damaged vehicles.

Over and above our normal auction administration, our asset disposal plan for the Government includes:

  • Valuation
  • Photographing & Cataloguing
  • Removing Branding
  • Storing Vehicles
  • Collect appropriate certified documents and licences


We have assisted the Western Cape Government dispose over 3 500 vehicles in only 6 years. These auctions have become increasingly popular, attracting hundreds of buyers from all over the country.  In the short space of 6 years we have raised over R220 Million for the government.

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