“Green” Benefits of Online versus Live Auctions

Disposing of unused or unsellable vehicles and equipment should not only be considered from a financial standpoint but from an environmental one as well. Traditional methods of handling surplus goods, like live auctions and landfill disposal, can have lasting negative effects on the environment. Sustainable Living Liquidity Services’ online sales model offers its sellers the opportunity to reduce their carbon footprint, reaching more possible buyers and easily adapting to the ever-changing digital age. Many assets that may have been considered unsellable via conventional auction methods can now be successfully sold online thereby reducing landfill loads and increasing revenue. By stepping away from live auctions we reduce the C02 emissions produced by transporting and staging assets at auction sites. Assets are now sold as-is from where they are located. In the long run by reducing the amount of vehicles and machinery stored long-term, we decreases the likelihood that oil and other fluids might leak from vehicles and seep into the ground. To further reduce our carbon footprint, our online marketplace, AllSurplus billing system, obviates the need to print and send paper checks or invoices. Liquidity Services values the environment and is committed to aiding our sellers in doing their part to operate more sustainability and responsibly. Making the switch to online auctions gives our sellers the ability to avoid the environmental impact of non-degradable waste, leading us all to be good stewards of the environment. Circular Economy - Liquidity ser If you have unused/unsellable assets in your warehouse or yard, why not consider recovering maximum value on these investments through, our global online marketplace, Allsurplus?

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