How Multiple Vendor Auctions Work

It’s a known fact: 10% of every organisation’s assets are surplus to its needs. There is no other cost effective or easier way to sell redundant and/or idle assets than placing them on our multiple vendor online auctions. Our global marketplace for used business assets, AllSurplus, is the ideal platform to reach buyers actively searching for assets like yours.

But why are multi-vendor auctions the right choice for you?

  • Multiple sellers results in a large, varied asset catalogue – this draws a wide variety of potential buyer markets, ensuring more eyes on your assets.
  • An online auction means that buyers can participate from anywhere across the country or globe, further increasing the potential buyer pool.
  • There are no transportation costs – no need to move your assets from your site to a central location, you can sell your assets from your yard.

How To Sell?

Step 1

Send an email to including a list of the assets that you wish to dispose of (include as much detail as possible such as make, model, year, condition as well as your price expectation per item) as well as a high-resolution photo of each item.

Step 2

We will reach out to you to discuss the sales process, values and confirm sale dates.

Step 3

Your assets will be loaded to our AllSurplus marketplace. We actively promote your assets to our global buyer database through marketing campaigns targeting active and relevant buyers for your specific items. We will also manage the entire sales process and collect proceeds on your behalf.

Looking to buy assets or turn your existing assets into cash?

Our experienced team is standing by to assist.