5 Year Partnership Generates Over R90Million For Energy Industry Giant

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One of the world’s largest players in the energy industry, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Group are regularly faced with a unique challenge. As they complete different projects, they are left with a range of assets that have no more value to them. These assets are usually in remote locations all around the country and range from construction machinery, trucks and park homes to office equipment and even scrap metal.


MHI partnered with Liquidity Services in 2017 to help them maximize recovery value for their surplus assets. We provide them with a start-to-finish solution, including warehousing and logistics when required. As the list of assets are continuously changing, we customise our marketing strategy for each and every sale. Thus, ensuring we reach a large amount of potential buyers, getting the best possible return on their unwanted assets.


Throughout this partnership, we’ve identified and appraised assets totalling more than R40 million. Our partnership has helped our client understand the value of their unwanted assets and how it can generate capital to reinvest in the business. Using our specialised online auction platform, AllSurplus.com, we are able to expose all the various asset to the appropriate market on both a local and international scale. Over the past 5 years we have sold over 750 assets varing from bespoke welding equipment, cranes and vehicles to office furniture and equipment.

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