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Generate cash flow through surplus disposal

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Remain Resilient to Economic Challenges

Frequent and unpredictable economic and political changes continue to impact the Mining and Construction industries.

Liquidity Services offers comprehensive surplus asset management solutions designed specifically for your industry, increasing your bottom line and freeing up financial resources to aid stability and growth.

Infrastructure, financial sustainability and accelerated technology adoption are primary concerns for all mining entities, and they will play a defining and vital role in the longevity of mining operations.

If you’re looking to free up capital for strategic reinvestment, we are here to help.

AllSurplus, our massive global online marketplace with over 500 asset categories and 3.8 million registered buyers, is your key to success. 

If you have idle, aged or obsolete assets, let us help you realise maximum investment recovery to drive innovation, enhance operations and ensure financial stability.

Our proven marketing and sales strategies will get you the results you need.

Do You Have Assets To Sell?

Let us help you recover better value.

Fund digitalistion and automation initiatives by selling obsolete or redundant assets.