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Our (lucrative) Responsibility

The South African scrap metal industry contributes around R15 billion to GDP and employs about 350 000 people. Vast opportunity exists in the recovery, processing and application of waste and scrap. Not only is scrap recycling profitable, it is by necessity, our social and environmental responsibility.
Scrap Handling
At Liquidity Services, we ensure maximum value is recovered on your scrap. Once collected and sorted, waste metals are processed to usable commodities. Processing of scrap metals involves sorting, cutting, resizing, baling, shearing, granulating, briquetting and / or shredding, based on product types and consumer demand and preferences. Depending on your needs and preferences, we maximise revenue by creating a finished product that can be directly supplied to approved foundries.
Waste Management
We turn waste into sustainable raw materials through recycling, upcycling and beneficiation. We follow waste management best practices according to the prescribed international, national and regional guidelines. Following a coordinated plan, we contain and treat waste at the point of production, make it environmentally safe and ensure it is safely disposed of according to established regulations.
Controlled Dismantling
Our specialised team deliver an expert dismantling process that meets all required safety standards. Redundant assets are converted into recyclable, and partly recyclable, demolition rubble for simplified and safe removal.
Site Decontamination
We turn contaminated sites into clean and safe environments, by neutralising accumulated contaminants. The transfer of harmful materials is minimised, and we ensure the transport of contaminants from site is strictly controlled and
Salvage Yard Management
Our on-site salvage yard management service encompasses the following:
  • Management of staff
  • Workforce training
  • Waste reduction education
These processes are all managed through documentation control, safety datasheets and biometric staff management.
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