Top 10 Factors for Selecting an Asset Management Partner – Part 3

Last week we continued to focus on factors that should be considered when selecting an asset management partner. So far we have covered Superior Service and Superior Scale, and now we focus on our 3rd fundamental belief – Superior Results. Read on to learn about the last 3 factors to consider in order to generate maximum revenue for your surplus/redundant assets.

Part 3: Superior Results

1. Is Viable, Experienced, and Professional

Select an experienced, professional provider you have confidence in that, at minimum, is financially healthy and stable. If the company is publicly traded and has been around awhile like Liquidity Services has (NASDAQ:LQDT), that’s even better.

Evaluate your provider’s project management team. Does it have the experience and skill to support your long-term success? What are its proven methods to maximise value in your reverse supply chain? Request meetings with company leadership, marketing leadership, and account management personnel to answer these questions.

Your partner should provide proof points that demonstrate its experience optimising the asset management programs of organisations like yours. Ask for case studies on successful sales and partnerships with clients in your industry or with similar asset categories.

2. Has Buyer Network to Maximise Return

A provider’s buyer network helps it maximise recovery for your surplus. More qualified buyers equals more bids and higher recovery. Through our global marketplace, AllSurplus, we have over 3,8 million qualified buyers actively searching for assets that our clients need to sell.

Organisations are looking for maximum recovery for their surplus – and a vast, targeted, and diverse buyer network helps deliver this. Our buyers come from all over the globe ensuring an expansive buyer list.

Often providers will claim that their marketplaces have a certain number of bidders. Examine this number – are they counting active bidders only or everyone who’s registered? If a provider boasts of 2 million buyers but 70% have never bid, the figure is significantly less impressive. Our 3,8 million buyer database reflects confirmed buyers that have all bid on assets.

Also consider the provider’s buyer retention rate. The higher the retention rate, the better the provider’s marketplace experience and the more likely you are to gain the recovery you desire. Finally, analyze your provider’s buyers by asset type. If you’re selling surplus assets in a wide range of categories, make sure your provider’s buyer base has appropriately varied purchasing interests. Ask your provider for recent sales results of assets in your categories to see how the quantity of bidders and bids stacks up to competitors’.

3. Invests In The Future

Is your provider committed to developing long-term client relationships and continuously improving performance? Does it align with industry best practices to optimise results? Your organisation needs a partner that is invested in innovation and committed to industry leadership and continuous improvement. We have long-standing relationships with many of our clients, demonstrating our ability in delivering results, each time.

A partner that is truly committed to your business will also provide more comprehensive services that help build a better future for your organisation. Your provider should “get” your business and offer complete value-added solutions that closely align with your needs and goals. We offer a turnkey solution from start to finish and are confident in our ability to understand our client’s core business.

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