Selecting a trusted asset management partner

Without a dedicated team to implement and manage your redundant asset program, dealing with surplus mining and construction equipment, adds stress and takes time away from core business activities.

Having an asset management partner rather than an in-house team to manage your surplus assets, allows for a much smoother process with a higher return. Consider things such as buyer reach, range of marketing and sales tactics, the ability to support storage and transportation needs, and mitigating all risks associated with the sale of sensitive assets.

Undoubtabley the best choice is to work with a trusted partner that specializes in providing solutions for surplus assets.

Here are top qualities to look for in a surplus asset management provider:

1. An extensive knowledge of the secondary market and the mining and construction industry.

2. An excellent reputation within your industry.

3. A proven history of successfully working with organisations in your industry.

4. Transparent reporting on all aspects of your program.

5. Account managers who are experienced, knowledgeable, and accessible.

6. A scalable, flexible operating platform that can adapt to future needs.

7. Metrics and marketing strategy best practices leveraged to optimize return.

8. An extensive, global buyer base and an understanding of local markets.

9. A wide range of asset management services.

10. The ability to support your sustainability programs.

The following case study examines how a leading organization partnered with a surplus asset management provider to maximize value for its surplus assets.

Continuous partnership with energy industry giant

One of the world’s largest players in the energy industry, MHI Power ZAF are regularly faced with a unique challenge. As they complete different projects, they are left with a range of redundant assets. These assets are usually in remote locations all around the country and range from construction machinery to park homes, office equipment and even scrap metal.

In 2017 MHI partnered with us to help them maximize recovery value for their surplus assets. We provide them with a start-to-finish solution, including warehousing and logistics. As the list of assets continuously change, we customise our marketing strategy for each and every sale. Thus, ensuring we reach a large amount of potential buyers, getting the best possible return on their surplus assets.

Throughout this partnership, we’ve identified and appraised assets totalling more than R40 million in value. Our partnership has helped the client understand the value of their redundant assets and how it can generate capital to reinvest in the business.

Using our specialised online auction platform, we have the ability to expose any asset to the appropriate marketplace on both a national and global scale.

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