The Road To Success for Transportation Companies

The Road To Success

Covid-19, and the associated lockdown, has had a devastating impact on the South African economy. Quarter on quarter, South Africa’s economy has shrunk by a massive 16.4%. Nearly every industry, experienced a significant decline due to stunted trade and production activity, resulting in a second-quarter loss of R512 billion.

Some experts say it could take between five and eight years to recover what was lost in the three months between April and June.

The Transportation and Communication sector fell by 24.7%.

According to Statistics South Africa, GDP from Transport decreased from R266 795.70 million in the first quarter of 2020 to R200 788.92 million in the second quarter of 2020.

Like all industry sectors in South Africa, transportation needs an asset management partner to help navigate the way through the COVID-19 crisis.

Why you need an asset management partner

One thing is obvious: contingency plans need to be created to ensure the resumption of logistics and transport services, taking into account a rapid surge in demand.

The unpredictable nature of supply and demand for transportation assets presents a challenge for your business. We can help you align inventory to market realities.

Right now, there is intense pressure on existing transportation systems. Due to decreased revenue projections and the potential of permanent changes to the usage of transport networks, transportation companies will need to develop, or review, their long term capital investment plans and programs. Inevitably, these plans and programs must include surplus management solutions.

One consolidated platform for all your business surplus needs

Utilising our all-new AllSurplus marketplace, Liquidity Services can provide South African Transport companies, and independent operators, with a local online platform for the disposal of surplus assets on an expansive global scale.

Fleet owners, rental agencies and dealers buy and sell quality used transportation equipment on AllSurplus with our online ‘Auction’, ‘Make an Offer’ and ‘Buy Now’ options. Globally, we have already sold over 800,000 transportation assets; ranging from light and heavy-duty trucks, refrigerated trucks and utility trucks to tractor-trailers, vans, cars, planes, helicopters and trains.

Asset management solutions need to deliver maximum impact with minimal hassle. We simplify this process so you can focus on growing your business.

Our knowledge of industry best practices, wealth of market data and consultative approach enable us to implement customised solutions that help you accomplish business objectives. We also provide compliance and risk mitigation services to ensure you are compliant with all considerations inherent to the reverse supply chain as well as your internal policies.

We offer a full suite of services to help you manage, value, and sell all categories of transportation assets, turning the headache of inventory into recurring working capital to fuel new investments.

Reap the full benefits of AllSurplus

Trusted Sale Process

We are trusted by over 14,000 sellers who believe in our strong financial controls and transparent reporting.

Extended Buyer Reach

Gain access to over 3.6 million registered buyers who are actively searching for surplus assets you need to sell.

Reach Buyers Immediately

Specifically targeted buyers will receive email notifications as soon as your assets are available for sale.

Extensive Knowledge

We have assisted sellers with over R100 billion in completed transactions, across over 500 asset categories.

Liquidity Services has access to over 30 years’ experience in the auction industry. We are a global leader in asset management solutions for under-utilised or surplus transportation assets.

Looking to buy assets or turn your existing assets into cash?

Our experienced team is standing by to assist.