Three Steps to Maximising Recovery for SurplusTransportation Equipment

Unlock the value in your surplus today

Powered by NASDAQ listed giant, Liquidity Services, AllSurplus is the world’s leading marketplace for business surplus. After more than 20 years of building a better future for surplus assets, Liquidity Services launched, collapsing all its previously segmented marketplaces into one central online platform for virtually any asset category, condition and location.

As a single and dynamic destination, AllSurplus is powerfully equipped to maximise results for both sellers and buyers. The company boasts skills and experience in over 500 equipment categories, no matter the condition.

AllSurplus is proud that it supports the transaction requirements of nearly 15,000 sellers and an incredible 3.7 million registered buyers worldwide. This phenomenal marketplace has processed over $8 billion in completed transactions.

You probably have surplus

It is somewhat astonishing to discover that, on average, 20% of an organisation’s assets are surplus to its needs. These assets lie aging, idle and underutilised; locking in value that could be better utilised elsewhere in the form of liquid capital. Since this value is constantly diminishing, the best time to act is now.

But the process of maximising recovery is more than simply listing an asset for sale and hoping for the best result. No, maximising recovery requires an in-depth analysis of its intrinsic, market related, value and demand round the asset.

Demand for certain assets will be pervasive, but specialised equipment requires a more targeted approach. Whatever the demand audience, AllSurplus engage expert and effective marketing techniques and channels to quickly find the right buyer for your assets.

The ingredients for maximising recovery

Like baking a cake, you need all the right ingredients put together the right way for the best results. What are these ingredients?

  1. An accurate assessment of the asset’s value
  2. An accurate understanding of the market’s demand for the asset
  3. The creation of appropriate marketing content
  4. The distribution of marketing content to its optimal audience to create maximum awareness.
  5. A specific date and time of sale to drive anticipation
  6. A pool of buyers simultaneously vying for the same asset to maximise its value potential
  7. A well-managed and transparent transaction process

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