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10% of every transportation company’s fleet is surplus to it’s needs, including yours.

As global leaders in the disposal of surplus business assets, Liquidity Services SA offers a comprehensive solution specifically designed for your industry. By turning your redundant or idle fleet into revenue, you are able to utilise this profit to benefit your ongoing operational costs. 

If you have surplus trucks for sale, or are looking to sell your vehicles and trailers, our proven marketing and sales strategies will get you the results you need. We regularly sell transportation vehicles, thereby delivering high profit to our clients.

Our tailor-made sales solutions include Live Auctions, Online Auctions, Make An Offer (Private Treaty) and an instant Buy It Now sale. We pair these powerful sale channels with expansive marketing campaigns – digital marketing is at the forefront of our marketing efforts in order to obtain the greatest, most relevant exposure for your assets.

AllSurplus, our massive global online marketplace with over 600 asset categories and 4.7 million registered buyers, is your key to success. We are trusted by 16,000 sellers to efficiently and effectively dispose of their surplus assets. 

If you have idle, aged or obsolete assets, let us help you raise maximum revenue to drive innovation, enhance operations and ensure financial stability.

Our Experience

The unpredictable nature of supply and demand presents a challenge for the Transportation Industry.
Transport companies will need to focus on capital investment plans and programs to ensure long-term sustainability. Inevitably, these plans and programs must include asset and surplus management solutions.

Amidst the current South African social and economic conditions, a careful inventory of your business assets will uncover opportunities to convert aged or underutilised equipment into much-needed cash – to cover the areas of your business that need it most.

Liquidity Services takes the hassle out of asset and surplus management for you and returns maximum value. We can help you align your inventory to the immediate needs of your business while, at the same time, injecting cash flow into your operations.

Globally, with more than 225,000 transportation assets sold, we have transacted over $310 million in total sales.

Liquidity Services has expertise in nearly every transportation asset category:
  • Trucks
  • Trailers
  • Marine Equipment
  • Aircraft
  • Construction
  • Rail
  • Plant Support Equipment
If you have surplus inventory in your warehouse or yard, why not consider recovering maximum value on these investments through AllSurplus, our global online marketplace?

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Government vechicles ECt

Eastern Cape Government

Over 1 800 vehicles sold on behalf of the Eastern Cape Government

Government Vehicles

Western Cape Government

How we turned unwanted vehicles into R220 Million for the Western Cape Government

Mining & Construction


Maximizing returns for Glencore’s South African operation.

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