Uncover Value, Maximise Recovery: Benefits of Asset Valuation Services

Determining the worth of your business assets plays a vital role in strategy development, especially for business executives, board members, investors and other financial stakeholders. Every item on a company’s inventory has a price tag and it’s important to calculate the value of each asset individually. Why? Because adding up the value of every asset allows an enterprise to measure it’s true worth. 

In fact, it is common for some businesses to discover that their assets, or even their entire business, is valued much higher than they anticipated. A professional assessment of your company’s asset value, using a reputable asset valuation service, will give your organisation a competitive advantage and drive investment appeal and cost management. 

Improving recovery

While all organisations should regularly work with partners for asset valuation to measure net worth, determining the worth of your company’s assets is a fundamental step in the value recovery process, and in many ways, it improves return on investments. 

Building a successful company is difficult, especially during these pandemic impacted timesWhen investment recovery is called for, asset valuation plays a critical role in achieving maximum returns. Without accurate values on equipment and machinery, organisations will either struggle to sell these items or they are sold at prices below their true worth. 

Good for goose, good for the gander

Asset valuation is a vital tool for both small and large businesses. For small and mid-sized companies, valuation services deliver a great way to attract additional investors and increase organisational values to acquire better loans and for large enterprise, asset valuations provide big corporations with accurate representations of what their asset recovery strategies could potentially yield. 

Global perspective, local application

While asset valuation may seem like an internal process, it is better for businesses to take an external approach and to look at valuing equipment and machinery from a wider perspective. Why use such a broad lens? It takes an experienced asset management partner to assist in informing businesses of changes in legislation, especially for international corporations. Also, the international reach of a global solutions provider ensures that enterprises are finding the best second-hand markets in which to sell assets. 

Importance of partnerships and Liquidity Services

Asset valuation can seem like quite a process, but services offered by trusted asset management partners make these asset management methods just another system that needs to be utilised and monitored. According to a PricewaterhouseCoopers report, only 21 percent of organisations use independent staff members for their corporate asset valuation processes. This is a critical mistake as partnering with an asset management and valuation specialist with access to timely market data and large asset networks can make a tremendous impact in valuing and disposing of surplus asset items. 

Specifically, Liquidity Services provides the scalability and trust required to identify the maximum value of assets, as well as the global, online marketplace www.allsurplus.com and www.machinio.com to dispose of these items. 

With both onsite and virtual valuations, Liquidity Services can create asset valuation scenarios catered to a specific industry, market and business. Going above and beyond simple value attachments, Liquidity Services sets up and manages teams, complying with safety and environmental standards to mitigate risks to deliver the best asset valuation services possible. 

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